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Thread: Alpine Roller Coaster

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    Alpine Roller Coaster

    This looks fun. Kind of.

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    Quite a ride. I wonder what the car (sled?) looks like, and what keeps it on that narrow track.

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    Wow that looks like a really thrilling ride!

    Did some research and this is what the sled looks like......

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	800px-Brandauer_Schlitten.jpg 
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    There is a brake and a seat belt, so I guess as long as you had the guts to just let it ride, with not applying the brakes, you should reach the bottom, no the sled......
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    Something like this Peter

    Vaughn that was way cool. Reminded me of a trip i took down an old salt mine in Poland and another in very close proximity to this particular place. Only good thing is in the salt mine you in darkness so your mind plays havoc on you.

    Not sure i am up to that rodelbahn nowadays. There is a brake on them btw.

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    WOW!!! I once got sick on a ferris wheel...I think I should probably pass on this one.
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    Okay, I get it now. That vertical rail basically controls your banking. You're naturally going to lean anyway. Looks perfectly safe
    I'd ride it in a minute! Brakes might be smokin' hot after the first run though!

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    Thanks for the pic Stu. I was wondering how that worked. Sure looks like a fun ride, as long as the sled stays on!
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    I nicht bin ridink un dis contraption!!! No way, no how!!!! Ich bin ein kuken........

    By the way the signs read, "You should pray on the way down the hill....just in case!"
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    I wonder how that thing is attached to the rail and what the chances are that it would fly off.......can you imagine hitting a deer?
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    Next weeks video will show the rescue guys wiping the rider off a tree
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