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Thread: Mesquite Hollow Form

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    Mesquite Hollow Form

    I figured it's about time I got around to posting some new photos of turned work. I really have been turning quite a bit...just not finishing up with my photos like I should. This is another piece from my mesquite haul from earlier this year. It's about 12" wide and 6 3/4" tall. Nothing fancy...I just burned the rim and finished it with just BLO and Renaissance Wax. I'm really liking that combination on mesquite. I just give it two or three weeks to cure before I buff it.

    Click on the pics to see a bigger view...

    Comments, critiques, and questions are welcome as always.
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    You have a way with wood. The form and way that you managed that grain swirling just past the opening well that does it. I like the finish on this one. Lets the wood do the talking. Man i am gonna miss seeing your turnings. Darn economy.

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    I agree with Rob. everything about this piece is top notch.
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    Mesquite is a wonderful wood to turn and does such a magnificent job of displaying itself when shaped by someone with skill.

    I think this beautiful piece displays all of the characteristics I mentioned.
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    Vaughn that is just beautiful. Gotta love turning mesquite. Love the form and the finish just makes it look like it wants to be held.
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    Like Bernie says, " looks like it wants to be held."

    It is beautiful!!!


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    Great piece of wood Vaughn, not being an artistic guy myself I still manage to appreciate the form you've achieved with the continuous flowing curves and the apparent lightness the form instills.
    Keep wanting to ignore the shape though and just soak in the wood figuring displayed in the top surface.

    P.S. how did you get it to flow around the opening?
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    That is a great looking piece you got there Vaughn.... a piece of mesquite is what got me into turning.... I saw a guy's bowl down in a Fredericksberg, TX gallery and fell in love with the idea of wood turning... haven't regretted a minute of it since.
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    Vaughn every thing about this piece screams pro. great job man hate to see ya have to leave that lathe even if it's just temporary.

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    another nice one vaughn but i got a picture question for you,, what is your schedule of making a pic for the forum.. these are bigger in the forum than most of the ones i have looked at outside the forum? from others and these get bigger when clicked on .. so how do you do this???
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