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Thread: iPhone frustrations

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    iPhone frustrations

    Last night my iPhone4 went dead. I mean ded as in ded. Black, wouldn't do anything. I called Verzion tech support. They gotta be kidding to call that "support".
    Couldn't help me, just said if it was in warranty they would replace. If not I had to buy another.
    A moment later, my daughter called, she is very knowledgable about things related to the iPhone. She uses two. She told me how to get it back to life. (hold both buttons down at the same time for about 15 seconds, it worked. ) Then she told me to update it. Update? Didn't know I had to do that. Turns out there have been eight updates issued since I got the phone. Also I never backed up on my 'puter, didn't know that could, or should, be done.
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    At least the new version updates and backs up the phone over the air (more data usage of course), always good to have a copy on your computer. I use GMail for my contacts and calendar, so don't really worry too much about losing the phone since both my personal and work phones pull in the contacts from gmail. Used to be a nightmare to have to reprogram all the numbers.

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    that is why, when we got our cell phones, i asked for the dumbest phones on the planet.
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    Glad to see you and your daughter got it sorted out, Frank. They call it a phone, but it's really just a small computer you wear on your belt. Just like on your desktop or laptop computer, updates are a recurring thing. I charge my iPhone from a USB jack on my computer, so I open iTunes fairly often and have it check for any available updates.
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