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Thread: The Third Musketeer:)

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    The Third Musketeer:)

    well i dont do spinny stuff but many of you folks do.. and i needed a job done and Bernie agreed to do it for me as he alluded to in another thread.. but my pics arent doing justice to the work Bernie did with some fabulous wood i got from Jim Delaney.. see folks it pays to go visit these people on the forum, you learn where the good stuff is and who can do great work for you when i tapped both avenues on this and as usual the family came threw for me.. and i thank all who had a part in this...this is for my SIL who lives in Detroit and is a fine cook.. i hope he knows how to work it because i tried to open it, gently and couldnt but it sure is pretty even if it doesnt work
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Name:	tn_pepper grinder-made 1A.jpg 
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    Woot! That's a great-looking peppermill.
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    Looks fantastic.
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    < 1 for each of you beautiful!!!

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    Gee, that rotten maple () cleaned up pretty nice, didn't it? Great work, Bernie!
    Jim D.
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    Wow, that is fantastic Bernie, you do nice work!

    Great Family story too
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    Beautiful job by all! I'm sure your SIL will appreciate it Larry, and I'm sure it will work just fine!
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    That is put your eyes out pretty! Great work Bernie!

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    If you can con and get that kind of work, you don't need to have a lathe.
    Just think of all of the goofs, catches, expenses, etc. that you have bypassed and you get the VERY BEST.


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    Thank you Larry for the kind words my friend. Thanks to all for your kind comments. I am glad you like it Larry. I was a little worried.

    Larry the top should turn clockwise to grind pepper. If it doesn't turn the finish may have stuck so you might have to give it a pretty good turn. The top is on there pretty good but will pull off. It has a pretty good spring holding the plastice that holds the shaft. So Larry if the top turns it should just pull off and if you are feeling a little puny let the wife do it.
    Bernie W.

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