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Thread: Bad day turned good

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    Bad day turned good

    We had torrential rain for the first three hours of my work day & temp was 40. It was cold. But the rain stopped. One of my customers wanted me to make him 2 Bubinga/ebony ring bowls so about a week & a half I delivered them, he also wanted two Wallstreet pens with his father in law to be name engraved on them. I used cut offs from the Bubinga for one of the pens & I had some Amboyna burl for the other one. I used a black & a black Ti kits & had Ryan at Woodturningz engrave them with color fill. They came our perfectly. He gave me $250 for the items. I thought that was a decent price for the two bowls & engraved pens. He loved the bowls & the pens & thought the price was more then fair for home made turnings. So a day that started out bad turned good. It helps with the piggy bank for tool purchases.

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    The day did end in a good way, congrats on the sale and the extra for the tool fund

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    Congrats, that is great!
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    Nice sale Chuck
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    Congrats Chuck on the sales. All is well that ends well.
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    Thanks guys. He did get quality work cause I refuse to do poor craftsmanship in my turnings.

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    Good to hear your day went well.
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