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Thread: Canopy bed

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    Canopy bed

    It is something I rarely do but here is a bit of spindle turning. Each post is of 3 peices doweled together. I can assure you I did not do the sewing. The flat work is all glued up as this wood somes at the most in 6 inch boards. Now comes the dressing table and closet with the same spindles and design. Some little girl will be happy with a Barbie bed.
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    Very nice bed, Jim. Love the wood, too. You've very lucky to live and work in woodworking paradise. (You'd probably be bored to tears nowadays if you had to make something from plain ol' poplar or something similar.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim King View Post
    Some little girl will be happy with a Barbie bed.

    That's the understatement of the year Jim.

    Great looking bed and can hardly wait to see the rest of the set.


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    WOW. Some little girl is about to begin forming memories that will last a lifetime. Well done!
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    Very sweet...
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    Jim, That's a beautiful bed. I wont be letting my wife see that one! You and the seamstress make a great team. What kind of wood is it? Barry

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    What wood

    The wood is Pink Flame. Here is a photo of a log slice. Thanks everyone for the comments.
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    That's a beautiful bed! You did a great job joining the boards and the spindles look great. I've never heard of pink flame before, but it sure is pretty.

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    Truly a beautiful bed, Jim. Quite stunning.

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