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Thread: Anybody Want a Cutting Board Job?

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    Anybody Want a Cutting Board Job?

    Shortly before I got my recent job offer, I had a nice lady commission me to make some cutting boards for her to sell on her website. She wanted very simple and plain boards with no embellishments aside from a simple hanging hole, in face grain orientation. She wanted 14" x 16" rectangular ones and 16" round ones, about 1 1/2" thick. She originally was thinking she wanted oak, but I convinced her that hard maple was a better choice. I told her my minimum order was four boards on wholesale orders, and she agreed to buy four sample boards for $35 each. (I know, I lowballed myself out of any profit.) She offered to pay a deposit for the materials, but I told her I'd rather just do COD.

    Fast forward a couple of weeks, and I had a job offer than meant I was not going to have much shop time. I told the lady that I still planned to build the four I'd agreed on, but I wouldn't be able to make any beyond that. Her response was "I can't even put these boards on my website if I don't have anyone to make them for me", so I figured she wasn't interested in the four sample boards anymore. (I've since used the wood for something else.) Meanwhile, I told her that I'd put the word out and see if I could find anyone interested in doing some production cutting boards. I have no idea if they will sell on her site, but she is willing to purchase some cutting boards at wholesale prices to find out. And if they do sell, it could potentially be a bit of spare shop fund money.

    So if any of you guys out there in the land of inexpensive maple are interested in putting together some simple cutting boards, let me know here in the thread or via PM and I'll put you in touch with this potential client. (And I'll let you negotiate your own price with her.)
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    let me check the prices around here, and i'll pm ya.
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