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Thread: Wise words.

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    Wise words.

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    I sincerely hope that this did not happen to you. Myrna and I go through the, "Love you." bit all of the time and do it with the kids when we see them. I am not sure that I ever said that to my parents nor did they say it to me or each other. However, we did all love each other so much and it was so apparent that I guess we just didn't think to say the words.

    I had wonderful parents and a total brat for a sister (until she grew up---then best of buddies).

    Good night and Enjoy,

    First of all you have to be smarter than the machine.

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    To be brutally honest unfortunately yes. We also didn't say it much & our mom was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. when my brother & I found her (I lived on the second floor) we were both in the military so knew first aid. I did the chest compression & my brother was breathing for her. It didn't work after 2 days they told us she was brain dead. so my dad, brother & sister decided to pull the plug the day after my birthday. They didn't want to do it to me twice. When my grandmother was buried on my birthday. I was very close to my grandmother & that really hurt very badly. We did & she was not breathing but it still took 20 min for her heart to stop. She was a very strong willed woman. So every year on my birthday I go see my mémère (French for grandmother) & my mom. & kneel down & cry like a baby cause I miss both very much.

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