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Thread: Art Mulder's “Art's Woodworking Scrapbook”

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    Thumbs up Art Mulder's “Art's Woodworking Scrapbook”

    Art Mulder's “Art's Woodworking Scrapbook”

    .... I just spent some time reviewing your Home Page “Art's Woodworking Scrapbook” ( ) and I am very much impressed. You have done a very nice job of presentation from a tour of your shop to each year going back, year after year, of your different completed projects and household items including toys (Jr. Mower was especially neat and the Backyard Ice Rink was a great idea for the kids). Not to mention construction of shop tools (laminated wood mallet and tool hangup etc.) and equipment (splitters & jigs etc.) and your tool display, equipment reviews and reference to others and their accomplishments as well.

    .... Nice job and well done.


    Art's Home Page:

    (FWW member: Art Mulder)

    Thinking about a project without ACTION is just DAY DREAMING .

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    Art! WOW that's an archive and a half! Boyd, thanks for the tip!

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