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Thread: Hacked website

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    Hacked website

    My website was hacked on Wednesday evening. It was just a defacement hack but I took the opportunity to delete the old site and rebuild it under the latest version of my CMS software (I had let it fall far behind). It is back up and running now.

    I did manage to keep the photo tutorial and "Getting Started" guide on the same URLs. A few other pages may have changed so some bookmarks may no longer work (or direct you to a different page). See >this< page for the new index.


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    sorry to hear of your troubles, neal but glad you dropped in to let us know your still at it
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    Man, that bites, I also learned the hard way that the patches have to be kept up. It's no fun when that happens or your host provider shuts you down. New site looks good, I like the "cms" software your using, you might consider turning on the friendly URL's, which might get some links back for you if you used them before.

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    Neal that sucks. I guess people have to much time on their hands which generally gets them into trouble.
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