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Thread: 2431 Miles and 6 Days later...

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    2431 Miles and 6 Days later...

    ... LOML and I are back home! The thing we're most thankful for this Thanksgiving is the opportunity to see my oldest daughter and her kids. Second to that was making it safely from south Georgia to the Oklahoma City area! We left last Monday morning and drove to Bobbie's folks place east of Birmingham. We left early Tuesday morning on the drive to OKC and arrived there around dinner time. We visited my daughter for a couple of hours, then went back to the hotel to crash. Wednesday was my grandson's 14th birthday, so we all went to Red Robin - Yum! Thursday, back to daughter's house for late Thanksgiving dinner which she wanted to be a bit non-traditional - Cornish hens, au-gratin potatoes, corn on the cob and green bean salad. Another Yum! Then back the the hotel to prepare to head back south Friday morning. Spent some time with Bobbie's folks Saturday, then drove back to Thomasville last night. Whew!!!
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    aint drivun the roads just the best especially when you got great folks along the way
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    Totally jealous. Sounds like a great roadtrip.
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