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Thread: Another Case of Too Much Time on His Hands

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    Another Case of Too Much Time on His Hands

    This is pretty cool...a one-man RC-controlled Peterbuilt:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Photo: Baerbel Schmidt

    (The Wired Magazine article and video are here.)
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    That's very cool, Luv the sound system enclosure ♫ ♪ on the road again ♪ ♫

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    That must of cost a fortune to build It sure is pretty darn cool though
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    it may have been the angles, but to my way of thinking his scale is off on the trailer length... If my memory is correct, the longest trailer is 55' and the tractors are about 25' or 30' with about 8' or so under the son drives for Schneider and his truck is a short nose PB (I think)... and the long nose Peterbilts are even longer I think.

    Either way, it was a cool idea and pretty neat little toy... it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond anything I could do...
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