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Thread: Soylent Green ......the movie

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    Soylent Green ......the movie

    Jim made reference to the movie Soylent Green am i and Jim the only ones that remember this movie?

    Made in 1973 i was 15 years old at the time i saw it. Its one of the only movies thats stuck with me my whole life. Made a huge impact. When i got to travell to Eastern Europe back when it first opened up and saw some of the industrial areas Soylent green kept on haunting me.

    Then when i get served those colored prawn crackers at a Chinese restaurant i always think of Soylent Green and Soylent orange. Add to the fact that since the movie was made the population of the world increased by around another 2 billion and somehow the movie starts to take on more relevance as a look into the future.

    Jim i have never forgotten the images of Edward Robinson going into that huge dome and lying down to watch a movie showing deer in the green fields and recieving a glass of his favorite wine before popping off an being converted into Soylent green.

    Some of the images of protests in the Arab world bring back many movie images.

    This movie stick with anyone else? Would not mind having it erased from my mind.

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    Always loved that movie and remember watching it at a drive-in theater in Riverside Ca when it first came out, along with my kids and wife... we were in a big Pontiac station wagon and the kids slept through most of the movie.

    Another film that Heston was in a couple of years earlier that made a lasting impression on me was called "The Omega Man"... I also liked the recent remake by Will Smith, "I Am Legend".

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    Rob, I was only 1yr old when it came out, but my dad made sure I saw it once when it was on TV when I was probably 10 or 12. It scared me to because I was sure the world population and starvation would lead to it happening in reality. I also didn't like the fact that most people in the movie had never seen the deer scenes that Edward Robinson saw just before his demise. That would just be sad. Today, I don't think it would ever happen, but then I'm wrong quite a bit too!
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    This thread

    "is brought to you by Soylent red and Soylent yellow, high energy vegetable concentrates, and new, delicious, Soylent green. The miracle food of high-energy plankton gathered from the oceans of the world"

    Great movie. Gave me a whole new respect for front-end loaders. Oddly enough, I can also attribute my first 'actively aware' exposure to Beethoven to that movie. I had listened to 'Ludwig van' plenty before that but, the film and music playing during the scene of Sol's voluntarily euthanasia made an impression. Thanks Sol. Symphony No. 6, Pastorale
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    Yes, LOML and I both saw it and remember much of it. In a related vein, she and I attended a private dinner party in Houston about 20 years ago at which the guest of honor was Charlton Heston. While we were seated at dinner, she wanted to ask him about the movie, Soylent Green, but was hesitant to speak up. I encouraged her to ask and she did. For the next five or so minutes it was as if they were the only two people in the room. He said it was one of his favorite movies and was saddened when "Eddie" Robinson died 10 days after they finished shooting. I think LOML made an impression on him with her knowledge of the movie and her questions about it. Turned out to be a very nice evening!
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    I remember it. I can still picture one scene....pretty scary....
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    I remember it from when it first came out and I rented it about two years ago.
    A true classic in many ways. Without violating CoC I cannot comment on why I believe it is relevant today.
    Really, a 'B' movie with low production values but became a lasting classic. Scary.
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    I am a big science fiction fan. I remember it well.

    "Soylent green is people!!!!"
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    Well you know I remember it and Jim helped bring back the memory. I think I am going to add it to my wish list for the upcoming holiday. Like most "B" movies, it has become a classic.
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    Great movie, didn't forget it, and have my very own DVD of it. Just watched it a few weeks ago. Dated, but still very relevant. Little water, energy shortages, climate is overheated, the rich are still rich and the poor are even poorer. Yup, science fiction alright.
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