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Thread: Bought some barn wood to build.....

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    Bought some barn wood to build.....

    ..... a barn!

    A customer contacted me and asked if I could build a stable for their nativity scene Christmas decorations. Sure I said! Second requirement (after size) "it has to look very rustic, can you make it out of barn wood?"

    Well, only if I can find some! Barn wood is hard to come by here. Not because of supply (not necessarily anyhow) as we have lots of old barns and the dry climate minimizes rot so the yield is high (if you're into tearing down barns), it's because of demand! There are lots of people who want little cupboards and mirrors, and tables made from this stuff, and there are lots of people willing to slap together something and sell it at a high enough price to make the first group feel they are getting something special! Well, more power to them. Shabby chic has never held any interest for me.

    The end of the story (finally) is that when this stuff comes up for sale on Craig's list it goes fast. I lucked out and got to this guy first and this pile of very weathered and insect eaten planks cost me $65. First order of business was to brush it all down with a wire brush, pull out any nails, and then blow it off with the air gun. Then I ripped it on the band saw (most boards were badly cupped and this was the only way to get them to lie flat enough to nail to a frame.

    Here's the plan and a few pics of the wood.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Rennei it appears like it'll be cool looking when finished , hope you post when the project gets finished ...............MB
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    Sounds like a neat project, Rennie. Looking forward to seeing your progress.
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    be sure to check with local building codes on proper structural spacing of fasteners and the load spans needed to for such dwellings have fun rennie
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    That's some pretty good looking ugly wood
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rennie Heuer View Post
    Bought some barn wood to build..... ..... a barn!
    Well that explains why all I have here is scrap wood
    Looking forward to seeing it!

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    Looks like a fun project Rennie
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