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Thread: New to me (small gloat)

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    New to me (small gloat)

    Craig List was good to me again. Found a Rockwell Delta 6" jointer for $100.00! Original 3/4 HP 3750 RPM motor. Even the wiring is original.......need to replace 'cause it's starting to crack. Blades are in good shape but could be honed a bit. They still have factory grind marks and measure at original factory specs. Might have been replaced from original ones? According to the serial # it was made in 1946.........a year older than me. Run like a scalded dog and is reasonably quiet compared to some newer ones. I'm happy

    Guess I should have put this in Old Iron.........Oh well.....I'm still happy
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    Great find and an even better price
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    Dad ahs one just like that that he got from his dad. Still runs great; we used it just last visit.
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    add a link belt to it and it can pass the nickle test...
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    Congrats! That is a good price for a great power tool.
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