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Thread: first snow of the season

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    first snow of the season

    Here's the first snow of the year, and it was a doozy!. We didn't get any here, the snow was around 3000 ft.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice picture John
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    We got some, ours was at zero feet. Yep, it stuck, burned off shortly after but it looked good for awhile.
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    Please keep it there. We don't want any this year up here in New England.

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    This was early for us. It was t-shirt weather the day before. We had two days of rain and flooding before a front came through and dropped the temps enough to get this at the higher elevations. We have a good chance of not seeing any of the white stuff again until late December/January.

    Chuck, you guys will get more in one storm than we'll get all winter.

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    Local Ski Area:
    Base at Heather Meadows:
    54 inches

    Base at Pan Dome:
    70 inches

    But down here near sea level, no snow!
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    Last night the fortune tellers were calling for 3-5 inches........just west and north of us got hit but we escaped it all. Other than the fools who can't or forget how to drive in winter weather, I actually like it and look forward to it!...then again, I can break out in a sweat at the mere mention of the word hot...or work...or honey can you....

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    Wow-3000 feet of snow is a LOT!!!
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