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Thread: Toy Dump Trucks

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    Toy Dump Trucks

    This year's christmas present for my nephews/neices and children of a couple friends. It took forever to get the first one out, I kept changing things on it. I have almost all the parts cut for the other 9 I need to make by christmas, so it shoulnd't take to long to assemble them. Combination of maple, walnut, and cherry on this one. Some of the others have the cherry/walnut parts reversed. The base of the trucks came from some thick michigan cherry and walnut cutoffs courtesy of Mr Merlau.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	FWW_0003.jpg 
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Name:	FWW_0002.jpg 
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Name:	FWW_0001.jpg 
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Name:	FWW_0005.jpg 
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Name:	FWW_0004.jpg 
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    OK, now I know I have a lot to learn

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    Very cool Jeb... 9! That's a pretty big production run!
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    That is one outstanding truck! Would love to see a tutorial or a set of plans for it.

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    I have some grandsons who would love those. Those are great
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    hey jeb!!! drop the mister part just larry is fine i dont have a badge and so dont need the formalities glad your gonna get some more miles out of those scraps i gave you
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    That is too cool! I really like the hydraulic ram on the dump bed, and the treads on the tires. Did you make the tires or were they commercially available?
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    Very cool project! I'm sure the kids will enjoy them.
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    Thanks for the compliments seems like every year i get another neice, nephew, or a friend has another that needs toys!

    I don't have a full set of plans, but I do have a side view in autocad, I'll see about updating it and posting when I get time. The original plan got changed a bit as I went, especially around the front. The file isn't current right now though.

    Vaughn, I bought them on line. There are a lot of sources including hobby lobby, but is one of the better ones I found. They have a variety of wheel types and sizes up to about 2.5"

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    Very cool Jeb & thanks for the link, can never have too many resources!

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