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Thread: This one is not to be missed.

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    This one is not to be missed.

    Here is a video that in my view is absolutely genius.

    Perhaps some explanation is neccessary. Nandos is a South African flame grilled chicken franchise company that has expanded outside of South Africa, we have a couple of stores in Canada, well they known for their edgy adverts and this one has somewhat hit the news, mainly because the staff in Zimbabwe were threatened by the Zimbabwe youth league that supports nutcase Mugabe. It appears you aint aloud to poke fun at the dictator.

    The cast of characters makes me reflect on how on earth the world stood by and watched all these guys have their way with their various populations.

    For the record they even included a old South African president we used to call "Die Groot Krokodil" translated to The Big Crocodile. You see him on the swing when Mugabe steals his hat he always wore.
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