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Thread: Remembering things!!

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    Remembering things!!

    well do you folks remeber these?

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    well i had asked chuck to make me a mallet for chopping dovetails and such,, and he sent along 5 mallets which i kept two and gave the others to the ones they were intended to go to..

    but what i am here to say is that we can get things made for us by others in our forum, which does two things,, it keeps us closer and may help them in there hobby costs. be it a trade system or just a better relationship with them. as i was using this mallet today i had to think back at his thread and the time he took to make the mallets for someone like me..and the enjoyment i was having from using a quality tool that was made for me by a friend.. just as i had bernie make a pepper mill for my SIL..
    so here is the LINK to where these mallet originated and a very good example of quality in the making..

    thanks again chuck for these and every time i hit something i will think of you in a good way
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    Just goes to show what a wonderful place this is and that we have such great people as members
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Gibson View Post
    Just goes to show what a wonderful place this is and that we have such great people as members
    What he said +1. Those are beautiful, Larry and Chuck....
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    I have been involved in trades, give aways, and receiving things from friends here.
    But, I have a (bad?) habit of doing something then moving on, often forgetting the incident or who I interacted with.
    No matter, I do retain the good feelings from it all.
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    I have to agree with Frank that I have been a recipient of trades and giveaways and even a mallet!!! I have and do use people from this forum, Chuck turned the beautiful mugs for Tess and Eric's wedding reception. Pete Simmons does all my laser engraving as he is the best. But yes, I tend to forget but not appreciate who made it or how I got it. Good thread Larry.

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    ye got that right ol son! as fer me, i like surprisin people, and them who were know who they are. now if i could only catch the look on thier faces, oh well....
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    Well I have a shelf of some of the best snowmen ever turned. A box from Spain gotten in one swap, A set of mallets from the other side of the country. and one fine jewelry box from none other than the ambassador him self. Ok the last one aint mine.
    The whole lot some of the best craftsmanship one will ever see.
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    To me the items I have recieved from members here are as close to priceless as anything can be. Many posts atest to the numerous items and they constantly remind me of the various folk involved. Makes me feel great just to have them around. Jim that shop apron is the best cant imagine why it did not work for you. Linda loves you for it

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    I've given and received many things from members, some of them completely unexpected, both the pleasure of giving and receiving made me a better person (or so I think) but the best thing I've got from this forum is the humongous amount of friendship, care and knowledge from everybody, and that is priceless...
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