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Thread: G&G/R&R Inspired Box

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    G&G/R&R Inspired Box

    OK, here goes another box ..... I keep getting ideas for another box. may not be all that good at times but at least it keeps me off the street.
    The box is made from Mahogany with a clear finish. The corners have some what of a G&G look to them as do the 5/16 plugs. The top is from Maple with the inlay of Cherry. Hinges are from Oak that I stained dark for contrast. The lift on the top is of Mahogany as is the two Bars on the top. I stained them to match the hinges. Not sure if putting the bars on the top was a good choice or not, seemed like a good idea at the time. I may go back and add some dividers inside? Originally I was going to inlay a Oak leaf on the top. But after laying it out and making the template, I found my router coller was to large to fit all the small details of the leaf,so I just made up my own.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	G&G & R&R Box 3.JPG 
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Name:	G&G & R&R Box 2.JPG 
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Name:	G&G & R&R Box.JPG 
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    Always looking for new design for my boxes.
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    Another interesting box, Ron. I like the way you experiment and adapt. Good work!
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    you been watchun to many glenn threads but i will say you have picked up some pointers from it
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    I like it, I like it. Someone was asking about a bucket list in another thread. Maybe I should add wooden hinges to my list as I have been meaning to do some 'any day now' for years. Do you use a hingecrafter or some type of rig for them or just box joint some stock and render them out through magic? I always enjoy your stuff Ron because you keep trying variations and that's what keeps things fun.
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    Looks nice. I think you have mastered making plugs now.
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    Looking good Ron! nice job on the Inlay
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    Very nice Ron
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    I use the Incra fence,Glenn. It is a older model and The jig will only handle small hinges. I may get the newer one that will alow much more different sizes to make.
    If you make a mistake it was part of the original plan!

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