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Thread: New here - from Iowa

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    New here - from Iowa

    Well, this looks like the most appropriate place for a first post to the forums

    As stated in the title, I'm from Iowa, a transplant from Northern Missouri. I'm about 4-1/2 decades old... and feel it some days lol. All the kids have left the nest, and I have had renewed interest in an old hobby. In fact, I've started planning my future shop -- most of my 2-1/2 car garage, approx 28'widex24'deep. Recently I have cleared out one side of the garage so I could at least start to get some sort of order to my tools, and so I could find them. Perhaps I'll start a thread in the "Shop Tours" forum on that, although I'm afraid it won't hold a candle to some of the shops I've seen in there. Many many impressive shops.

    A bit about me, let's see, I already mentioned I'm a "showme" transplant to Iowa... I grew up swinging a hammer, and loved helping my father do whatever it was he was working on at the time. Probably my favorite Christmas present ever was a hand made tool bench approx 4' wide that had a 2'x4' pegboard back that he made for me. Included that Christmas were some tools, a hammer, square, screwdrivers, coping saw, tape measure .... I think I was about 7. He was at that time the hardware manager at a lumberyard, and I loved going with him to work on the weekends. Guess I followed in his footsteps, as I ended up working in the lumber business for about 20 years. I managed 3 different lumberyards, in 2008 things turned south in the lumber business, and I decided to switch careers, and now work at one of my other favorite hobbies as a job, now I'm a Unix Systems Administrator for an ISP here in Iowa. I know, computers/lumber ... sort of an odd combination I suppose

    I loved working in the lumber business, but I never seemed to have time to do woodworking then, now I have the time to start and I can tell ya... it never leaves the blood. I told the better half, I'm taking over about 3/4 of the garage for my wood shop, she's all for it.... what a keeper, one of those reasons we've been married so long.

    Well, I could bore you with the rest of my life story, but I'd better leave some of those for later, someone else might like to use a few bits-n-bytes besides me tonight lol. I'm sure I'll learn alot from the folks here and I've already been reading the forums for 2 days before posting, just couldn't take the time to stop drooling over some of the pics to stop and post !
    Last edited by David Crouse; 12-04-2011 at 04:22 AM. Reason: actually measured my garage lol... fixed the size in the post to be accurate.

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    Hi David. Welcome aboard.
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    Welcome aboard David! We've got a few geeks and wood workers hanging around here...
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    Welcome David, I think your story is not too different than most folks here. You will find it family if you hang around and get to know everyone more. We like to have a little fun too. And of course, pics are absolutely necessary to prove anything happened

    Perhaps some before/after pics down the road of your new digs...

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    Welcome David
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    Great intro story David and welcome Look forward to your renewed love with woodworking. Do you still have the tool bench your dad made you?

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    hey dave we even got a few folks on here from your new state,, so dont feel alone we let them in to as for your shop build or setup goes be sure to start a thread on it the info here that can be given if asked for and sometimes even if it isnt asked for can make your new shop a pleasure rather than a sliver in the hand..there are many things that can help a shop go from regular to just right.. oh and dont buy a lathe and stay away from them ,,they make pretty things on them but they are deadly like the apple that adam ate
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    Welcome David. I look forward to gettin to know you.
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    Welcome to the Family, David!
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    Welcome David
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