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Thread: Doc Watson

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    Doc Watson

    I was watching a bluegrass show tonight, and they mentioned Doc Watson, I hadn't heard anything about him in years, but he is one of the finest flat-picking guitar players that ever was! and I believe he is still alive and playing
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    Thanks for posting this Dan.

    Brings up fond memories of my previous job. My supervisor was very amused that his mid-30's employee liked listening to the Kingston Trio. He got me a Doc Watson CD for x-mas that year & I've loved it.
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    I liked the K-trio, and Doc Watson is awesome, check out Seldom Scene
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    Thanks for posting the item about Doc Watson. I too have been a big fan of his and blue grass music for a long time. This post prompted me to google "Doc Watson". I was not aware that he was blind since age 1! Also as far as I can tell he was still alive in 2010. I skimmed his unauthorized Bio "Was Blind but Now Can See" on the internet. Very interesting. I found the CD - Will the Circle be Unbroken - several years ago and darn near wore it out playing it so much. I was always a fan of the NGDB too. What treasure - Doc Watson and that album.

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    hey walter dont know if you stream music at all threw your computer ( i use pandora), but i entered doc watson in a station and got quite few of his works in there,, so when the cd's die you can still get it threw the internet and listen to it for free
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    That is really great music. He is incredible
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    Thanks for posting that. It was great. LOML plays bluegrass banjo. we're bluegrass fans!
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    Great stuff. What a picker!
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    Doc Watson is fabulous. What drives me nuts though is when there are two good guitarists playing, and I can't tell which one is doing what. Makes it really hard [for me anyway] to figure out what he's doing. Doc's economy of movement is amazing though, isn't it?
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