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Thread: Bench top material question

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    Bench top material question

    Just went to salvage yard that had a bunch of lumber with the intentions of buying SYP (southern yellow pine) to make a new bench top. While prices were good, most of it was 14 and 16 foot lengths. I was by myself and didn't have the trailer either. So, I couldn't sort it by myself and I couldn't haul anything that long in my truck. So I passed.

    Got hone and scrounged around the barn. I have LOTS of SYP 2X's that I can rip down. But nearly all of it is pressure treated. Other that the being careful when cutting this because of the dust. Is there any reason not to use it for a bench top?? I hate to by lumber when I have all this laying around not being used.

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    for the bench Top I'd stay away from PT SYP, unless you were going to put a piece of hardboard or similar over it. If only because you might dig into it at some point, then you're dealing with the chemicals all over again... Legs, sure go for it, but not the top, just my 2c

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