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Thread: Danish oil question

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    Danish oil question

    Wondering if the communiuty could shed some light on a finishing "issue" I am experiencing.

    I have built a "train set" for my 2 year old son. (It's the Puzzle Train from "Making Toys That Teach", love that book…) Anyway, I was thinking of using Danish Oil for the finish. It the past when I have tried Danish Oil it would only let me do like 1 coat…the second coat would feel like it would never dry, or really soak in much…it ends up a little blochy. We are talking days and it is still weird. Any ideas as to what I may be doing wrong?

    My usual “go to” is GF Arm-r-Seal. And with that stuff I usually put 3 -6 coats. Never had any issues. I suppose I could use it on the train, but I was thinking that I’d rather not deal with urethanes on a toy. (The water based GF finsh is another option I guess..) What am I saying, that’s all Watco Danish Oil is, right? A wiping varnish with some urethane in it? Should I swich to walnut oil? Never used that stuff…oh good grief. Too many choices.

    I understand that a Danish Oil finish should not need as many coats, but I think the instructions say to apply 2 coats. That second coat just throws me. I am doing what the instructions say, at least I feel I am.

    Jerry S

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    i havnt had the troubles your having but i can lead you to another site where you could get some answers,, go to homestead finishes site and ask your question on that forum and you will get info from jeff most likely how is top notch finisher
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    Don't use walnut oil, whatever you do. It is *not* a drying oil and will never cure. Furthermore, it's an oil from a *true* tree nut. Not something I'd put on a child's toy.
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    Jerry, I have seen the 'blotchy' results ... did not THOROUGHLY mix/shake/stir the DO before applying. I had luck using mineral spirits to wipe it off and redo. Best of luck.

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