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Thread: This is coming soon for me.

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    This is coming soon for me.

    Unfortunately this is going to be me real dang soon. I get sore just thinking about it. This is ridiculous !!!!

    Working After Dark

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    What kills me is we've been having some real nice days lately. I work from home. I get up before light and work till after dark. So I sit here, at home, looking out the window and thinking of all the things I COULD be doing instead of sitting at the computer working... It kills me...

    Could be worse though... I'm not complaining... really...
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    Recently in Dallas, there was a carrier who was at his truck going through the mail. A drunk driver hit him & the truck he's in the ICU now. There is no reason for us to be delivering the mail at 9::00 pm.

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    Well Chuck, even in the summer time I seldom get home until after 1 AM and I start work usually around noon or earlier. Lots of people work after dark.
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    When I told my employer that, at 56, I could no longer work all day, and then work all night [yes, the same night] I was given a choice. Do it or resign. I resigned. While I am sympathetic to workers who face increased loads with downsizing, we all make choices. I can't count how many days I went to work in the dark, and came home well after dark, as so many of us here do. Just like Brent said. Some of us get overtime, some don't. For some it's work 'til the job is done. But we all make choices.
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    Choices, I remember them well. We would do 12 hour shifts for a couple days, then an 8 hr flip and do one or two more, then another 8 hr flip. Some more 12 hour shifts. Nothing like getting off at 330Pm and going back in at 1130 pm. This was usually during the Holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, all the ones that should have been important to friends and family, of course sleep was the most important thing to me during those holidays. Choices are no fun.
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    Well, do like I do on my long days. Get up/start earlier. Tell your bosses you want to be up and delivering at dawn so you can be done by dusk. My day starts in the dark, around 4:30 am to do chores, 6:40 leave with the bus, usually pull in the drive at 3:40 pm, done with chores around 5:30-6:00 pm. Now I can eat supper and relax (which means sleep to the sound of the tv in my chair!). Guess I gotta say, glad you have a job, hope you feel the same. Be safe out there, drunk drivers and mean dogs never sleep, they happen around the clock!

    Hey Chuck, need to add to my post to you, if this is actually going to happen to you two things come to mind. Get a flourescent (sp?) orange or green vest to wear as well as a headlamp. Not the cheap five dollar ones for the bill of your cap. Look at a K light headlamp. About 100 dollars but will run over 16 hours on a charge and illuminate past my teams ears so they can see. Be visible.
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    when my wife is in school for english during the week, and my work week (i work 4 on, 4 off, 5pm-5am) is during the week, this is my schedule: get home from work around 530-600am, sleep for a couple of hours, take her to school, sleep for a couple more hours, pick her up from school, sleep for a couple more hours, get up, get ready, and on the road to work by 400pm, work 500pm-500am, go home, and start this all over again. the only times i get to sleep in, are weekends, and holidays when there is no school.

    i have a friend of mine of about 40+ years now (that alone makes me feel older), who is a letter carrier. we've been going back and forth about how i should work for the postal service, and how he should get a real job. i told him that i have no sympathy for him (as he has a motor route, and only had to stick his paw out the window), only for the guys who have to walk thier routes summer and winter. he says now that the mail is presorted into the trays for him (and he doesn't have to spend a couple hours doing it himself), his job has gotten a bit easier.
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