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    Guys, I recently picked up the Kreg master jig set up. I want to know what types of their screws do I use for MDF & ply ???


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    I keep 2 versions of threads on hand for pocket screws Chuck, fine thread for hardwoods and coarse thread for ply. I have never used pocket screws on MDF but would use coarse thread on them

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    Ditto to what Tom said. I've used coarse in MDF - works good.
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    mcfeelys makes one that is a combo screw that works well for all,, not sure on mdf but hard or soft woods..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Beland View Post
    Guys, I recently picked up the Kreg master jig set up. I want to know what types of their screws do I use for MDF & ply ???

    I use course but on MDF I also use glue.

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    I use fine screws for everything pocket screws. Mostly because I'm too lazy to order anything else, but rarely do I find I need a more aggressive screw, and when I do, I just grab a regular wood screw and throw it in there. I use Deerborn screws I think.
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    Another McFeely's coarse and fine user here, I use the coarse washer head on MDF with good success.
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    Im with Karl on this one and same screws when I can get-em
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