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Thread: Follow up on gloat

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    Follow up on gloat

    This last October I posted a gloat about having some of my work put into a gift shop. Yesterday I realy wanted to know what was happening with the items I had given him. I was not expecting great sales but was hoping for at least a couple. I did not know if I was to call him or if he was to call me. Called him and he asked me to bring in more of the potpourie pots but not any of the other things. Something about to much inventory in the store and space was a problem.
    What I found out when I went to see him was that 3 of my pens sold 2 of the p pots and a couple of the mini bird houses also. I did not make a lot of money but just the thought that someone wanted to buy my stuff is enough to get me all excited. While I was talking to him he told me that a interier decorator is the one that bought the p pots and said she got one for client and one for herself. Also he was very surprised more of the bird houses didn't sell because of all the comments he was getting about them. Anyway a few bucks for wood and toys is always a good thing.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dennis Kranz View Post
    .... Anyway a few bucks for wood and toys is always a good thing...
    ^^^Yes sir ree...Congrats

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    Congrats on the sales Dennis
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    Congratulations Dennis. Wish you many more sales.

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    Way to go, Dennis!
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    Great job Dennis! Hmmmmm, wondering about the birdhouses. Sometimes a little "tweak" even though we the builder may not like it, it may catch the intended targets heart enough to cause them to open their wallet.

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    Congrats on your sales Dennis. It is nice to know that someone appreciates your work.
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    Congrats on the sales. It is a good feeling but the money is nice to. Do keep track of sales and don't be shy about asking for your money. I have stuff out on consignment but at a place I trust. Normally, I'm very hincky about consignment and will only sell my stuff to the stores for them to resell.
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    Thanks for all the congrats guys.

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