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Thread: Christmas Shopping Gloat

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    Christmas Shopping Gloat

    I got a package from Mack Cameron yesterday. I do most of my Christmas shopping at his lathe.

    Here are a few of them. A couple of girlie ones with some bling, a "Zen" pen for my son, the thinker, a wild and crazy red and white one for a friend in NY.....I just thought I'd give you a taste....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sweet pens and good using a family member They will for sure be appreciated.

    OOPS that reminds me I have a pen to post that I forgot to, sorry Mack will get on it hopefully tonight

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    Those are some beaut's...good on both of you!

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    Yes Mack makes great pens.

    I have purchased several of Mack's pens to give as gifts and to auction at charity events. He has also given me a couple as gifts and, during my waking hours, I can seldom be found without a Mack-made pen somewhere on my person.
    Cheers, Frank

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    Very nice. Now that's a gloat!
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    All I want to know is how to get on your xmas list.
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