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Thread: Here's a look at mine

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    Here's a look at mine

    Here is a look at the plastic drapping around my lathe so that I don't have to clean the whole shop after turning. It has a door slit on each end with a extra piece covering the slit.The area is about 6x8. the other pictures are self explanitory. Its not well organized but a work in progress.
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    Hi Kenneth,
    Thanks for the pics of your shop. I bet you bring some fine results out of there. White is a nice color on the tools too. Do you like them?
    Have fun and share again when you can.
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    Great idea using the plastic to control the mess. I am not a turner but I could use something when I am routing with a planer bit to keep stuff from flying all over.

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    Kenneth, Do you find that the plastic works? I'm just so messy that no matter what I try I get chips and dust everywhere

    Actually I think a lot of my dust/dirt was pre Festool. I'm going to take the leaf blower to the shop once I can take the insulation off the doors and open it up.

    I have and like white tools as well.

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    Thanks for the pics of your shop. How do you like the Reeves drive system on your Jet lathe? Isn't that a 1442. I have the 1236 with a Reeves system. I think there are good points, and weak points. Similar to your set up, I hung clear shower curtains on EMT pipe, in front and in back of the lathe. After a turning session, I roll up the curtain out of the way on the pipe.

    I see you have a vintage Craftsman table saw, it appears to be exactly the same as the one I had for about 25 years. I gave up on trying to keep it algned. It sure was a work horse.

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    Bill sorry didn't get back to you sooner was out of town. Yes the palstic works great for me I was always chasing chips all over the shop now they are in the one area. I have a dust filter mounted on the ceiling outside of the plastic with the hole cut out for the dust and I also have a dust collector at the lathe.
    Mike yes it is a jet 1442 and I love it. The table saw is also about 25 years old and doesn't get much use anymore I'm mostly in to turning.

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