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Thread: Ridgid Magnetic Feather Board at HD

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    Ridgid Magnetic Feather Board at HD


    I was just in the HD in Secaucus NJ and was wandering the tool aisle. I saw the double sided Ridgid Magnetic featherboard for $29.99 down from $40 or $45.

    It looks the sames as the below:

    I'm not sure if this is a local thing but all I can say is that my holiday stocking is sticking the the fridge with no external means of support.


    Jim Mattheiss

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    I have one of each (my Magswitch is the older black one though) and they are identical except for color. the HD version has been $29.99 out here since before summer. Great for going seamlessly from tablesaw to bandsaw. I keep one stuck to each bandsaw. I think I bought the black one for $40 on sale.
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