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Thread: HF on a stick?

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    HF on a stick?

    Not sure what else to call this. It's maple burl with walnut finial ,base, and collar. Aprox 8 1/2x 5. Finish is Blo, shellac, and right now just 1 coat lacquar. Will add more lacquar,knock down with steel wool, wax, and buff. Thanks for looking and as always C&C welcome.
    SteveClick image for larger version. 

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    That's really neat, Steve. Is the bottom piece attached or does the HF just rest on it?
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    How do you do that thing you do.

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    Holy Fudgesicle that is sweet!

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    Stephen that is a beauty. The only thing I might have did different would be to dye the pedestal and finial black. I think that would have shown the HF better.
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    Stephen, I would call it...beautiful! Really nice work. Well done.
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    another wow and i to think the black idea would be better.. just gotten used to seeing the dark finals and that burl is fantastic as is your work with it..
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    Thats beautiful Steve. I like the finial and pedestal just the way they are
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    Thanks all. Cynthia the base is perment. This piece gave me a few fits. I had to make the finial twice, and the base 3 times. wish i had used some holly and dyed it black, but i thought i'd try something different.

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    Beautiful. This would have worked better for me if it was not on a pedestial.
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