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Thread: Went to an estate sale today

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    Went to an estate sale today

    I went with my FIL to an estate sale today. The guy was moving to another house and was trying to sale as much as he could. He ran a commercial cabinet shop on the property and was trying to sale a lot of the stuff he had so he wouldn't have to move it.

    He had apparently bought out a furniture mill because he had boxes on boxes of different cabinet components and such. He did tell me that he at one time had 5 tractor trailer loads, but was down to 2. I didn't see anything I was interested in so I passed. It was all the stuff you see and the discount places.

    To make a long story short. When we got there a fellow was loading a trailer with 1x6x10s of something. It had been stacked outside and the top boards looked really rough. I didn't pay much attention because I was digging through the cabinet parts. He was talking to my FIL and I heard him tell him it was oak. My FIL said I don't think it is and got me over and ask what I thought? I went over and looked and it was probably around 1000 to 1500 bd/ft of cherry, all clear with no sapwood that looked like it had just come off the mill. I told the guy it was cherry and it was some really good looking stuff. I said if you don't mind what did you pay for it? He told me 25.00 I asked if he was a woodworker and he said no he was going to use it for siding on an outbuilding he had just built. I thought my FIL was going to pass out! I was stunned. As we were going home I told him we should have offered him 200 to see if he would have taken it.

    I was going to go yesterday but something came up and I couldn't. The guy said he wanted 50.00 for it yesterday but he decided to wait till today to see if he could get it cheaper.
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    Ouch sounds like my luck

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