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    Which glue

    I am building a bed for my daughter and had to glue up legs to get them thick enough. I want to cover the edge grain so that it looks somewhat like a solid piece. I cut strips and sanded them. They are about 1/16" thick. What would be the best glue for glueing them on. Regular wood glue or something else? P.S. I am taking pics, will load and show later.

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    Almost any glue will work. I prefer liquid hide glue, because it seems to give me a less visible - virtually invisible - glue line. White glue (Titebond, Elmer's, or Gorilla) all work well, too, and they dry clear. The Titebonds I, II, & III all leave a slightly brown glue line, but if the fit is really good, the line is nearly invisible anyway.
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    I love using and have excellent results with Elmer's wood glue.

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    I'm a Titebond man , I think that all said your on the right track ...............MB
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