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Thread: Liberty Tools

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    Liberty Tools

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    Too far for me to drive, but would be a great place to browse. Those are some cool suspenders.


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    That is a cool store. We have an old one here that isn't that nice, but they've got everything, including some weird stuff. You can go into the store and get what you want. I used to go during lunch as it was down the street from my office. At first it was a real pain as I didn't see prices on anything and took a while to get someone to help. Then a co-worker pointed out that the labels on the shelf had the prices written backwards.

    Though the video looks as if it's suppose to be funny. Those guys are really that clumsy.
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    Boy, the slope sure does yet slippery fast, huh Bill
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    Every time I go to Maine I plan on stopping there but something always comes up. People around here talk about his store all the time.
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    that liberty place looks like it needs to go on all tool junkies, bucket list
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    I think this is a great place for a FWW reunion!!! Fly, drive, walk and meet.
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    Enjoyed the video ...........MB
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    Thanks Bill, i really did not need to know that store existed. One more for the list. Boy i am gonna die a pauper but with a load of tools.

    Did some checking its only only 600 miles from me. If son ends up in Montreal next year this will be a nice diversion trip across the border. you better get there before me though cause the good stuff will be gone by the time i have been.

    They have an online site where you can purchase direct over web.

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    Liberty Tool is about 1-1/2 hours from home but I've not yet made it there. I guess I'm afraid that I'd never leave (LOL). I have wanted to visit for quite a while but a chronic bad back and two messed up knees keeps me from doing much traveling. Surgery to one of the knees Feb 1 so maybe after it heals I can take a drive and spend some money on tools that I DEFINITELY need.

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