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Thread: Port-o-Mate Woodrack - $40 while supplies last

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    Port-o-Mate Woodrack - $40 while supplies last

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    I got one of these last summer and got another Black Friday. Woodcraft (IMHO) foolishly advertised this as a BF deal and I had other plans that day so when Amazon lowered the price on theirs to $45 I ordered from them. Then Woodcraft kept advertising it at that price. Their loss I guess because I would have bought locally if I'd known it was going to be all month.

    I like them. Mine are mounted with Spax lag bolts which are probably a lot higher quality than the generic stuff and have nice torx-drive heads.

    I suspect Woodcraft is getting rid of these to make room for a new Pinnacle model that looks identical but costs $80.
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