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Thread: I'm a little shy but excited...

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    I'm a little shy but excited...

    Hi everyone! My buddy Grizzz has introduced me to your site and to the world of woodworking, specially turning. Grizz has built some awesome things with all of his hand and power tools and has convinced me that I can create some beautiful things with turning. I'm just starting out but can't wait to jump in with both feet. I went to a Rockler Woodworking store near me and took a class on pen turning. I'm hooked! So much so that when the Rockler store here in South Portland, Maine hosted a demonstration on Robert Sorby tools I went and ended up buying a few chisels to get started with. The manager, Molly was extremely helpful and also encouraging, so here I am. I've been visiting your site for a little while enjoying reading and seeing what others have created. Some day soon when I get a digital camera I'll take a pic of my first and only pen. I'm glad to be a part of this site.

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    Welcome Joan!
    Glad to have your company here on the boards! If you see Grizz this week tell him we said "Hi" (I said, but I'm sure more folks will chime in too)


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    With enthusiam like that you will be a success for sure. Anyone with a great attitude like you have is welcome here for sure. A digital camera is a necessity around here------not really but I am just trying to push you along so that I can see some of your work.


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    hi joan!
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    Thanks everyone for the welcome! and Ned if I don't see Grizz, I'll be talking to him and I'll pass along the hi's. He's kept me posted about your sawdust play dates, sounds like to two have a good time. Keep making the sawdust!

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    Hi Joan Welcome to the site! Sounds like you have the initiative and enthusiasm to do well! Just remember that we all were beginners at one time, some have just progressed further than others (I'm one of the others!)!

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    Steve Clardy Guest
    Welcome Joan

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    Howdy Joan!
    Learn that pen turning real good. If I ever get this shop finished like I want it, pen turning is something I want to try. You can teach me!
    I have the Jet Mini waiting to do just that.


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    Welcome Joan!
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    Welcome Joan.

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