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Thread: Friday 12/16 Edition

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    Friday 12/16 Edition

    Once again we have rolled into another weekend. Close to the big holiday, at least that is what Walmart tells us. So what is going on in your neighborhood?

    Myself, not much. Going to try and sneak in some shop time. Only 3 more weeks of break left and lots to do.
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    Friday: Sanding and another topcoat on the credenza top. Mow the back yard. Yes, that's right! I mowed the front yesterday. One of the joys of living in the South!

    Saturday: Some general errands with LOML, then out for dinner.

    Sunday: The usual - I'll prepare brunch. Just a lazy day - I hope!!!

    Then back to the shop on Monday.
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    Friday - complete as much as I can on the mate for the TV cabinet
    Sat - All morning at church, kids Christmas program practice (I'm lights, sound, video) then some shop time in the afternoon
    Sun - Church in the AM then rush off to the airport to meet Jan's plane. Sunday afternoon? Not telling!
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    SIL's birthday dinner tonight. Tomorrow I have about 6hrs of "me" time...that means shop time! Finishing up some christmas presents and then if I feel like it cleaning up a bit out there.
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    Finishing up the last 7 of 26 cutting boards Saturday for gifts, celebrate the holidays with my family on Sunday

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    well i had the good fortune to put dave up last night as he heads for the state of iowa to get his son from college.. and today i will finish the finishing on a box for the quilter and get it inside this wknd.. after i find a home for the wooden box that came from ohio.. will add it to my trophy case
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    Thank you Larry, don't let ol Charlie rule ! LOL
    Picked up my lath from Jim, thank you and enjoyed the visit. Now just relaxing with a long drive.
    I dream a lot. I do more painting when I'm not painting. It's in the subconscious.
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    My parents came back for Xmas for the first time in about 10 years, so my wife is having a "girls night" with grandma and the nieces tonight to paint nails, watch movies, and bake. I'm heading over to hang out at my brothers with dad. May head down to my nephews to play some pool and such, but Dad is scheduled for rotators cup surgery in January, so he may not be up for it.

    Saturday we're doing Xmas dinner at the steakhouse, then back to our place to open presents.

    Sunday will probably be getting a door put on the office and painting some trim to install. Have a welding project I need to get done and may get the plow put on the tractor for when it finally comes time.

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    Work on Friday
    Open Christmas presents with Grandkids on Saturday
    And maybe some shop time on Sunday
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    Friday: Finish up the 4 stained glass pains that I am making for four of my five grandchildren for Christmas.

    Saturday Morning: Attend a synchronized swimming meet at the University of toronto that my 10 year old grandaughter Isla's team is participating in.

    Saturday Afternoon and Evening: Work on Arts and Crafts magazine holder present for my daughter Kristel.

    Sunday Morning and Afternoon: Go to the Christmas tree farm north of Toronto with family and friends to cut down trees followed by a pot-luck party where we all (about 35 of us spread over 4 generations) gather at one of the families homes for fun and friviolity.

    Sunday Evening: Work on oak floor lamp that I am giving to Margaret (my wife) for Christmas
    Cheers, Frank

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