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    Any wood turners in the Lower mainland of BC who want some chucks of Cherry.
    I happened across a nice haul today and would be interested in sharing.
    Just give me a call and if you want to cut it here bring a chain saw.
    Pete - 604-831-1841
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Pete that is a nice haul of cherry.
    Bernie W.

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    Agree Bernie BUT there is so much cherry available here in BC no one is interested. Contacted a couple of guilds and turning clubs but everyone has too much wood. I guess that is just one of the benefits of living on the Wet Coast of British Columbia!!


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    That's a nice haul of cherry... here in East Tenn we also have a pretty good supply... after the wind storms we had last April, I got calls from several friends who "had some wood if I wanted it" - translation - "come clean up my yard"... I picked up two cherry trees about 20" diameter... I'll lose part of it before I get it all turned.

    Also got some Slippery Elm (another name is Chinese Elm).. just one limb of the tree was over 15" diameter, walnut, mimosa, white cedar, hackberry and recently some Magnolia.
    Tellico Plains, TN
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