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Thread: How much do you pay for internet service?

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    How much do you pay for internet service?

    This is getting out of hand. My INTERNET provider is Comcast. I just opened my most recent bill to see a notice that as of Jan. 1 2012 my (broadband) internet service is going up from $44.95 per month to $62.95 per month. I also use them for my TV service. They are the only option for cable service here in my area. I do have the option of satellite but have not checked into it yet....but plan to. We as a nation have now become so reliant on internet service that it is almost impossible to go with out it. I use it everyday to run my business and to talk with you fine folks here. The cost of this service is getting higher than the level of service they provide in my opinion. We are always losing service and our TV signal....well it just sucks! I received about $20.00 credit last month for lost service. I guess that is what I will have to do for now on....keep track of every day of lost service and call it in for credit.

    Is my cost in line with the rest of you?
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    I use DSL cause COX is way to expensive out here. For TV we have satilite
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    tom all i have is DSL threw our phone company, and it has two speeds available.. we have the fastest and i dont have the numbers of the speed but our phone bill runs 67 a month for the house and the shop with two lines.. and our tv is HD and not cable or sat,, and we loose signal to.. so it doesnt matter if you have the great cable or the regular tv its still poor sometimes.. the gov made the tv folks go digital and now they have control of that too i think
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    We pay ~$90/month for 2Mbit wireless from . Living rural and needing a static IP really limits your options here in the midwest.
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    I have AT&T DSL and phone combo package. Bill runs about 56 a month for both. My DSL speed is very low, even youtube is not smooth. I tried to bump up the speed but they said that this is the only speed available in my area. I have been thinking of switching to time warner cable.
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    I have ATT U-Verse and pay $45/mo for 11Mbps down, 1.5Mbps up.

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    45 per month, mixed in with phone and cable tv.
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    DSL (slow) plus home phone for $29 plus taxes. All I could get.

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    I use AT&T U-verse 6mg for $24.95
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    I have Fairpoint for phone and internet. the total bill with taxes is $62.00 for both. I had lots of problems with losing connection but Fairpoint finally figured it out. It's a 3mb service. The highest I can get out here.

    No cable out here. I have Direct TV.
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