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Thread: sanding vacumn setup..

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    sanding vacumn setup..

    i was reading in fine wood working and they suggested a catch basin before the vac itself to save on filters and i think it was to increase suction??? i have a fein vac that does ok, but if i could help it out and save on filters.. i would do it and i am contemplating hanging it from the ceiling like nikki did.. any advice and thoughts on this would be helpful.. getting tired of steeping on the hose..i think it was onieda that made this purple catch basin..
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    What I believe you are thinking of (the newest gimmick from a number of vendors) is a mini cyclone that is driven by a shop vac. By separating most of the dust and chips (using cyclone technology), the vacuum stays very efficient, since the filters get very little to plug them. If you got a large Fein or other vac, you don't get back the space it takes, and whether your vac is large or small, you need room for the second collector bin and cyclone.
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