I just got word of a few hot deals specifically for Family Woodworking members. Lloyd Kerry is a member here (you may have seen his posts in the Commercial Post Zone), and he makes and sells a variety of pouches for protecting woodworking and carpentry materials during transport. More info is at the Kerry Woodworking website here:


Anyway, here are a few hot deals that are good until December 31st:

Kerry-All board pouch: reg. $69.95, special $50.
Kerry-All plywood pouch: reg. $87.95, special $65.
Kerry-All trim pouch: reg. $117.95, special $85.

Above prices include shipping to anywhere in Canada or the U.S. and are for Familywoodworking forum members only.

For the record, I'm just passing the word of these deals along. I have no commercial connection to Lloyd's products or company.