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Thread: Slowly I turned, Step by Step... (Three Stooges)

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    Slowly I turned, Step by Step... (Three Stooges)

    Well, as I promised, it's a frame! It's not glued up yet, I keep getting ideas as I go, making it longer.
    The open side will be for me, my comfy chair and my coffee pot.
    Not a nail, screw or bolt in it anywhere.

    The laminate on that old counter top wasn't as nice as I thought but the frame is solid. I don't think I would like the laminate as much as wood anyway.

    I've about decided to take Larry's advice and replace the 2X4 glueup on my work table with two sheets of MDF. I'll just add one layer of the MDF and some Masonite to this while I at it.

    By the time I'm finished this thing will take care of one whole wall and house three table top tools. It started out just filling a corner.

    More to come
    Long live 2X4 technology


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    Best looking 2x4s I've seen in a long time. Looks great so far Don!

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