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    Cutting Board -

    I built a couple of these for family and friends. They are end-grain\butcher block style cutting boards. Never thought I would use a belt sander with 80 grit paper on a shop project, but this stuff is hard! Black walnut and white oak with several coats of mineral oil. Block are 1.5" thick.

    I am pretty happy with the results. Even the little boards weigh a ton!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    look great and i see you even put a handle recess in them for better handling
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    Well done Doug. I have got to try one of those.
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    Looks really nice I've been wanting to make one of those for quite some time.
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    Great looking board Doug, love it being end grain and like Larry said, the handle recess is a great idea

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    What beauties! Nice job on lining up the corners fo the squares... That's hard to do!
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    Wow! Very nicely done!

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    Great board, Doug. Not much chance of that one wearing out in the next few centuries, huh? I'll bet the recipients will be very happy with them.
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    Very nice .............
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