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Thread: It is not just making and/or selling something.......

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    It is not just making and/or selling something.......

    Light woodworking and engraving was very good to me in 2011.

    Yes, I enjoy making almost everything I sell.

    Yes, I enjoy selling most of the items I make or engrave.

    But I also get a very good feeling Christmas morning knowing that there are many gifts being opened all over the country that started life in my little shop.

    I also like the thought that most of these items will be with that family for many, many years, long after the typical retail store bought items are gone and forgotten.

    I know many of you give a lot of your work away and that some sell everything from small items to very large woodworking projects.

    We are a lucky bunch to be able to get this much positive return for something we love to do.

    Merry Christmas to all!

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    Well said.
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    DITTO to what rennie said,, and i am sure your returns are a definite reflection of the work and service you have provided many hereand others, like me for one thanks for all you have done and have a hapy holidays Pete
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    You get A+ for the thoughts in your thread!!!

    Enjoy and a Merry, Wonderful, Christmas to you too,

    First of all you have to be smarter than the machine.

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    Amen, Pete!
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