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Thread: Ben's Mill - water powered sawmill

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    Ben's Mill - water powered sawmill

    happened upon this youtube video... enjoy!


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    I loved it the planner, joiner, horizontal drill, TS, Band saw Table saw's and no tape measure in sight...
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    Really enjoyed the video Ned keep my interest all the way threw it .................this guy know what he's doing ..........
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    I really enjoyed it too
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    there is a documentary film on Ben and his mill. Watched it on PBS many years ago. Saved a copy on VHS back then.
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    Actually there are at least a couple... The one I really like is him building a sled. Posted a link a couple of years it is again if I didn't grab the wrong bookmark..,187

    There is also a page on the converting of his mill to a historic site after his tragic death,,,,


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