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Thread: Thanks to Vaughn

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    Thanks to Vaughn

    Last year we purchased a tree ornament from Vaughn. Knowing that the holidays are a little bittersweet for him because he is not spending them with his wife, I wanted to pass on our appreciation for the wonderful ornament he made. Here is this year's picture of it hanging in our tree.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    well i dont have a ornament from him but i have had many things done for or given to me from him and for that i have personally talked with santa and told him to be extra nice to him this season.. i have gotten word from his staff that this coming year is gonna be a great one for him and the stocking will be filled nicely for him this evening.. he was very near the top of his GOOD list
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    Bill, you made my day. Thanks, buddy.

    And Larry, Santa already made it by this afternoon with a little bit of loot from the "hardware" store.
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