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Thread: Ok i need some pointers and advice i have become a one track pony ....

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    Ok i need some pointers and advice i have become a one track pony ....

    I been at it at the lathe and after someone linked to Bobhams Channel on you tube and yours trully got the inspiration and education on seeing tools cut instead of scrape i gave it ago and what do you know a skew cuts wonderfully and what do you know i got other tools now that cut as opposed to scrape. is the catch.

    I got busy with Bernies Birdhouses had an order from a lady that would like to think she is the boss in my house (no Larry not the MIL) my wife.

    SWIMBO wanted 5 turned pronto, and here i thought my time off would be spent entertaining myself in my shop this week.

    So i am stuck i can cut with gouges and skews but only from left to right.

    For some reason i cannot switch over and go the other way.

    So please buddies in the spinny world throw me a life line. My birdsnests are lacking when it come to the lower finial turning.

    I even went out and splashed out on some new turning tools. Got me these two babies from Uncle Lee's house of joy and pocket denting.,43164,43175

    Purchased a 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch and oh what a huge difference they made compared to the oversize chunks of steel from my Benjamins best kit.

    In my view another fine example of buying better tools rather than buying quantity. Gotta speak to that mother of mine about passing on the frugal taste in tools.

    But come what may i dont seem to be able to get the knack or hang of going right to left.

    S.....O........S ooops SMS. (save my soul)

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    wish I could put it in words but I ain't good at that, to me it took some practice to become Bi-directional but thats all I can contribute, Change the angle aa little and see if it helps. ??
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    Don's right. There's no real secret other than practice.

    Bob Hamilton's videos are indeed good ones, huh?
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    Rob the only thing i can think of that might help, is get your self a detail gouge, and a bowl gouge. i all most never use a spindle gouge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    Don's right. There's no real secret other than practice.

    Bob Hamilton's videos are indeed good ones, huh?
    Second or third the practice advice... practice, practice, then practice some more..

    Love Bob's video site... but I have an awful time staying awake sometimes... he talks so slow I can almost catch a wink or two between words... he did a sort video on making a vacuum chuck using the shop vac... works very well... saves me from having to buy a vacuum pump... although I did have to buy a new shop vac after I let mine burn up from not clearing the filter properly.
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    One thing you can do Rob if you are talking the birdhouse bodies is after they are hollowed is to cut it off a little longer than you need. Put a chuck of wood in the chuck and turn jam chuck that fits in the opening of the hollowed end. Bring up the tailstock to hold it. Then you can turn from left to right. Problem solved.
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    Thanks guys, and Chuck i agree on Bobs videos being eyelid bangers but there is a positive side i find to his slow commentary and that is it gets you to think as you follow along cause you can come up with the words before him then it shows you you on the right track in following.

    Bernie thanks for the tip I actually understand what you mean I will give it a try youre a genius. To date my jam chuck efforts have been to be able to finish the end and with no support they end up being a wobble finish so sandpaper becomes the go to tool.

    I know you all right with the practice practice thing and i watched a few more of bobs videos and gonna give it another go.

    Those birdhouses are good practice objects They got all sorts in them to learn. I just thought wrong as usual that there was some trick to changing direction. One thing would be to get away from the chuck somemore because i think thats one of my issues being too close to the chuck.

    I think i am gonna go back to basics first and just to dome beads and coves now that the term has sunk in. Could not bring those words to the fore in my previous post.

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    I turn with either hand forward, no one told me not to and I am kind of by myself over here, so by the time someone told me this was odd, I could already do it.

    Do you know how you get to Carnegie Hall?
    The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
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