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Thread: WARNING...Dont leave goodies on your wish list you no longer want....

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    WARNING...Dont leave goodies on your wish list you no longer want....

    Ok so what did Santa get you for the shop this year.

    Well i am embarressed to say i made the all time dumb mistake of leaving things on my LV wish list that i had long since decided were off the list.

    Now a year ago i sent swimbo the password to be able to purchase items i want since i got to the point where i was trully tired of getting junk i did not want. Even though i might argue that i dont need anything she aint having that.

    So she hacked my account yeah i dont know how but she managed to crack my password (she had lost it from prior time) and went ahead and bought a bunch of goodies from LV that were on my wish list.

    One that will stay is the GR Gripper. I had always wanted a second one but had other priorities higher up the list.

    Then i got a bunch that will be going back like packets of threaded brass screws i was looking at about a year ago when making my scratch tool along with the scratch tool blades.

    Also who buys one clamp. Then to top it off LV sent a 36 inch instead of 24 so i got one lone ranger 36 inch F clamp and then on the other end of 6 inch F clamp.

    I aint complaining, its the thought that counts and the effort she went to to crack the code. Crazy thing is i was at LV this past week and she paid for shipping. Oh well what to do..

    Now i gotta ensure the list is up to date and used for the correct purposes. Often i will add somethingto my wish list that i find as a way of not getting sidetracked and come back to look at it later. Kinda using it as a filter. Well now i know what not to do. Jokes on me so keep the wish lists up to date folks you never know what can happen.

    Oh i also got a couple of contour spoke shaves which i am still on the edge of deciding wether to keep. This bunch here. Anyone used these before.

    So whats your latest new tool from Santa...

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    Amen to that. I am staring at a note stuck to my monitor right now that reminds me to go clean up my wish list. . . . there . . . just did it ;-)
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    rob you link doesnt work right just goes to a sale with no shipping cost page??? the first time it didnt but the second time it did??? so i quess its this puter messing with me
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    ... just click on the "continue" button.

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