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Thread: Sharpening carbide tools

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    Sharpening carbide tools

    I have always had issues with my tool sharpener services not being what they should be. Their prices are up there pretty high and lately the company that has been handling my sharpening has dropped the ball several times. I sent them a new but needing sharpened Freeborn MT carbide raised panel cutter, when it came back the cutter left streaks in the end grain cut. I had to wait a week, send it off again, then only to get it back doing the same thing. They have taken off a lot of carbide in the process and I told them to either buy me a new one or never come back to my shop again. It left cutting fine but beginning to burn a bit on maple and came back to me twice now worthless. I've used Ballew in Springfield and turn around time is too long with them and Freeborn tool too. So I'm on a mission to find a better mousetrap.

    I've done a bit of research online to find an affordable tool grinder to purchase and do my own sharpening of carbide tools. I can already do all my HSS stuff just fine but there is not much anymore that is HSS besides lathe chisels, jointer knives and molder knives. I've found this machine and would like some opinions from some of you guys. I'd love to hear from someone who has owned this machine if anybody here does. I know it would take several thousand more than this machine costs to get a real pro setup but that's not in the budget and finding one on the net doesn't seem to be happening right now either. Opinions solicited please.
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    Can't help ya there Jim but if you need a new source then I can Scott's sharpening service in Glendale Arizona, he does do mail order. and his pricing is fair. I think Carol uses him also.
    Scott's Sharpening Service. 5214 W. Luke Ave., Ste. 7. Glendale, AZ 85301. (623) 931-0633. (800) 594-7262.

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    Jim, I get a lot of extra life out of shaper cutters and router bits by using diamond sharpening "sticks" on the flat side of the cutter. It won't fix a chip, but it does greatly extend the useful life without changing the profile measurably.

    The 3 grade set I use is similar to this but I suspect was even cheaper.
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    ++ on Scott's Sharpening.

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    Hi Jim... read your post..we all need sharp tools...Hoffman Sharpening 4216 w Wyland Dr. Elkhart Indiana...574-293-6317... this is whom i use...very good service and well done too...a call to Dan, Scott, Diane, or Christy would serve you well MHO if you call tell them i told you...bill

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