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Thread: I got a gift certificate for Christmas....

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    I got a gift certificate for Christmas....

    Does anybody have this Woodpecker drillpress table?

    Any comments pro or con?

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    I have the older version with the better (as Glenn Bradley pointed out to me once) plywood base. Other than that it is basically the same. I like it, but sometimes I wonder if it is too much and I could just do the same with piece of plywood and a clamped scrap for a fence.
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    Ken, if I was to buy from Woodpeckers, it wouldn't be something I could build. It would be for some of the excellent layout tools they make.
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    ken i agree that a drill press table isnt something i would by either,, you got the time to make one that best suits you and so i would look at some of there other products there stuff is good quality and i like the color of it if i hadnt had a router assembly already i would love to have one of there lifts with the metal rings.. but woodah shouldah couldah... timing was off as usual
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    IMHO a drill press table will greatly increase the value of your DP. It will also start you thinking of your DP as a solution to many things you want to do. It is true I was disappointed to see Woodpecker walk away from what I felt was the leading design in commercial after-market tables for this purpose and start offering one that is basically just like everyone else's more or less. They do offer their fine track and fence fixtures as a kit. I would be tempted to add additional track to their kit and make my own as others have stated.

    Things my version does not not have that I wish it did or that I have added:
    - an offset round insert that gets you much more real estate out of an insert before replacing.
    - a tall split fence.- dust collection.

    Things it does offer:
    - a 1" thick phenolic plywood top.
    - additional inner tracks for controlling smaller pieces.
    - a shape that allows the fence to go clear back to the post and still clear the elevation handle.
    - a low profile fence and track with measuring tapes built in.
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    I bought the Woodpecker parts and made my own...

    It has been a great addition to my drill press.
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